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Texas Governor Rick Perry To Explain How (Despite 2nd Case) Ebola Is "Contained" - Live Feed

With rumors spreading (and seemingly confirmed) of a 2nd Ebola case in Dallas; Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to explain to the American public that it's all under control (despite the hospital discharging the Ebola victim 2 days ago) and the virus is contained (despite its potential spread to 12-18 more people)... Reuters further reports that the man being treated for Ebola in Texas traveled through Brussels en route to US according to the Liberian ministry of information. Rest assured Americans, Dance Moms will be on soon...

As KRJH reports,

A second person in Texas is being monitored for Ebola after coming into close contact with the first person in the U.S. diagnosed, according to health officials.

Gov. Rick Perry has scheduled a news conference at a Dallas hospital where a man with the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S. remains in isolation.


Gov Perry, Texas Health Commissioner & others heading here to announce the latest on


— Haley Hernandez (@HaleyKPRC)


Governor Perry is due to speak at 1300ET (via NBC Tulsa)