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Prepare For Another Whiplashy Session: Liquidity Non-Existent

With no bond-market-police to corral the machines, it is not entirely surprising that - on the heels of AUDJPY - US equity futures have levitated this morning to provide a comfortably green open (as the world held its breath for a black monday - particularly inappropriate on Columbus Day). However, there's a long way to go in the day and liquidity is - in a word (or two) - non-existent (lowest in at least 18 months). That means intraday volatility will be extreme to say the least...


Liquidity is at its lowest in at least 18 months


And sure enough...the highs...


which was instantly whiplashed to the lows


But NASDAQ is back in the red (for now)


And then there is the Trannies...


Source: Nanex LLC @nanexllc