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Negative Four To Five Percent Interest Rates Coming: Albert Edwards

No, the sky is not falling...yet. But according to Societe Generale's most famous perma-bear, Albert Edwards, you might not have to wait long. In the September 24th edition of SG's Global Strategy Weekly, Edwards says that a closer look at Chinese economic data shows that China has already "hard landed", the rest of the world just hasn't figured it out yet.

Always looking at the bright side, Albert Edwards (together with his colleague "Bob the Bear" Janjua (Nomura Holdings, Inc. (ADR) (NYSE:NMR) (TYO:8604))) also suggests that another recession is imminent, and that interest rates are likely to hit -4% or -5%.

He notes: "The next US recession will probably arrive a lot sooner than most investors expect and will likely see more desperate monetary experimentation from the Fed. Bob and I thought this time we would see deeply negative interest rates in the US (and Europe)."

Albert Edwards on China hard landing

Edwards highlights that...