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Hillary Clinton Holds Press Conference To Address Email Scandal - Live Webcast

The former Secretary of State with the now infamous server and democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, will speak live at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York shortly. She is expected to discuss the email, although not extensively.

Watch it live below.

And demonstrating perfect timing, the State Department just announced it is planning the early release of Clinton's e-mails that were given to congressional committee investigating 2012 Benghazi attack, spokeswoman Jen Psaki says at briefing.

Three hundred e-mails will be released earlier than full 55k pages of Clinton e-mails that State Dept is reviewing, she says; e-mails will be released once they are reviewed for any needed redactions. The e-mails will be released on the website.

State Dept directs questions to Clinton on how she handled classified information

Cost to review e-mails will be “roughly the same” as cost would have been if they were written on a e-mail address, Psaki says

Psaki concludes by saying it is not accurate that reviewing e-mails will costs millions of dollars: "millions is far outstated."