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Tumblr Launches "Answer Time"

Following on from the mass success of Reddit’s AMA series, Tumblr has launched its very own community-driven Q&A platform titled “Answer Time.” The platform has and will involve influencers and famous figures from a variety of creative backgrounds in a bid to reach a wider audience and become more personally involved with their fans. Fall Out Boy, Vic Mensa, Cecile Richards and writer Molly McAleer are on the roster for this week’s program launch, with each candidate answering questions on a different day of the week. “Answer Time” provides a platform for Tumblr’s vast community to ask a soon to be library of famous people the questions they have always wanted to know the answers to. Tumblr’s Director of Culture and Trends Danielle Strle says, “Our vision for Answer Time is to give awesomely creative people a place where they can connect with their curious fans and answer questions in a way that is as direct and honest as if you are talking with a friend.” Today marks the first “Answer Time” session with more information on Tumblr’s new platform and to find out who is answering questions today available here.

Author: Adam Mark Barnard