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PSW October Portfolio Review – Part 2

We discussed our strategies in Part 1

This is Part 2 and it's a Member's only view of the 4 virtual portfolios we track for our Members.  We already did these reviews Live in our Member Chat Room – this is just a consolidation of the updates for reference purposes.  Our Member Portfolios are:  

  • Option Opportunities Portfolio – OOP ($100,000 base):  This is a self-contained portfolio that is also published at Seeking Alpha and looks for short-term opportunities to make money off of news or events using various option strategies.  Our goal here is to teach how to trade with options as well as how to identify events that cause price mismatches we are able to take advantag of.  
  • Butterfly Portfolio – ($100,000 base):  Our most stable portfolio, using what are really mainly double-diagonal calendar spreads to create low-risk, self-hedging positons that emphasize our "Be the House – NOT the Gambler" strategy for premium selling.  It's a low-touch portfolio, requiring monthly maintennance.    
  • Short-Term Portfolio – STP ($100,000 base):  The first part of our main paired portfolios.  The STP's primary purpose is to protect the bullish LTP but, since that's not a full-time job, we also make opportunity-type plays when they present themselves.  As there is usually plenty of margin laying around, we also make fairly complex earnings plays that would not be appropriate for stand-along $100K portfolios.  
  • Long-Term Portfolio – LTP ($500,000 base):  This is our main strategy for long-term investing which follows our "Planting Trees" model.  We INTEND to build long-term positions with very low bais BUT in a very bullish market, we end up cashing out when our positions trend far above our expectations.  This portfolio, by itself is very volatile, as the hedges are in the STP while the vast majority of our LTP positions are bullish and also a low-touch portfolio.    

Short-Term Portfolio (STP) still isn't bearish enough as it's only down $8,000 while the LTP is up $15,000 for the week so let's see how we can tilt a bit more bearish into the weekend!  

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