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Even With Poor February Results, Ford Is Still Bullish

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) reported February sales fell 1.9% year over year, versus a projected increase of 5.2%. Investors were obviously disappointed, and the stock price fell 3.8% after the sales conference call. Besides the disappointing sales data for February, Ford also recently backed off its projection of losing only $250 million in Europe this year, now only saying that it will lose less than it did in 2014, when it lost $1 billion. I Know First has been bullish for Ford over the past few months, as can be seen in articles posted in December and January. The recent news might cause investors to lose faith in this dividend stock, but we continue to be bullish for this iconic American automotive company, believing that its international efforts continue to be promising for the future despite external setbacks, the newly revamped F-150 will be a hit among consumers, and that the company is currently greatly undervalued. Read more