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Whitney Tilson: Why World Acceptance Corp. Is Going To Zero

Whitney Tilson believes that World Acceptance Corp., a provider of unsecured consumer-installment loans, is going to zero, and he has put his money where his mouth is. Tilson's hedge fund, Kase Fund is short World Acceptance, profiting as the stock has crashed by as the stock has 53.3% year to date.

Tilson first recommended shorting World Acceptance Corp. around two years ago in an issue of the acclaimed Value Investor Insight magazine. At the time, the stock was trading at $86.21, the shares now go for $37.13. Tilson believes that this is just the beginning.

Tilson revisited the position in the latest issue of Value Investor Insight, discussing the company and lessons learned from the short. This is a brief summary of that article.

World Acceptance: Long time coming

Tilson first heard about World Acceptance during May 2013 after reading an expose by ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative journalism organization.

The article described how World Acceptance traped desperate, financially unsophisticated people with broken credit in a cycle of revolving, ever-deepening debt by charging excessive interest rates on unsecured loans. a>