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On The Perils Of Management Access And Straying From Process: My Adventure With Jones Soda

In late May, 2013, we started working for a client who was interested in knowing what we thought about Jones Soda (OTCQB:JSDA). It was a bit of a treat to be able to work on a company whose products I had enjoyed so much during my more formative years, and it provided me the opportunity to do a lot of work that I don't often get asked to do, some banking and activism stuff in addition to research.

Unfortunately, until very recently, I was bound by a non-disclosure agreement which prevented me from sharing further analysis publicly. Now that I'm at liberty to write again, I want to discuss how we got the bullish call wrong in June, 2013, what happened when we realized we were wrong, what we've learned in the process, and what we think about Jones Soda today.

I've tried to be brief, but since there's a… Read More …