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My Love/Hate Relationship With Ballard Power


Ballard Power has had some recent blunders. (i.e. Azure hydrogen).

Ballard Power finds a way to pull me back in with buses and more buses.

Overall I find myself wanting to buy more Ballard Power, before more bus orders come in.

Ballard Power (NASDAQ:BLDP) has all the right components to be the leader in Fuel Cells, but also will still leave me scratching my head every now and then. This article will be an informal list of information on Ballard Power, beginning with the blunders and ultimately ending with the bullish aspects of the company.

The Bad

  • Ballard Power knew exactly how their investors wanted to start off the New Year, and what else other than a breached contract. Ultimately, Ballard announced two contracts, one for buses and the other back-up telecom systems, which had to be terminated with Azure Hydrogen. This was a very hard hit to Ballard's future, not only did they just lose their one way into China; (at the time) they also had to take a $4.5 million hit on the books.
  • Open up this link of the most recent earnings report and scroll down to the telecom sector. There you will be able to see that Ballard Power only earned a $0.5 million in the quarter. Which makes me wonder what ever happened to the rooftop units that were being approved for New York? In the '14 quarter three earnings report (here), they were seeking approval for a major provider and a year later this lead seems to have gone cold. I understand things take time, but the back-up power for telecom has all but dried up and we...