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Delta Gambles With $199 New Bundle of Travel Package

Since travel fees have been so high each year, Delta's now trying to figure out new ways to make money.  The new thing they have is something called "Smart Travel Pack" which is a $199 package consisting of things flyers pay for often.  However, instead of making people buy them separately, now they will have the option to buy them all together.  To make it even more appealing, Delta will allow up to 8 people on the same group to participate.

Some of these things include:  1st checked bag, priority boarding, access to preferred seating, discounts on economy comfort, and 20% more bonus miles.  The two most attractive parts of this package is definitely the free 1st bag and preferred seating.  I think its ridiculous that Delta charges for the first bag, unlike JetBlue.  
Delta is one of the big airlines that have big packages.  United recently came out with one huge subscription that costs $349.  The new $199 package is definitely a gamble for Delta, how do you think it will do?