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4 Ways Alternatives Can Prepare Portfolios For The Future

By Walter Davis

Many advisors and their clients are now in the process of reviewing last year's performance and discussing how to best position their portfolios for what's to come. These reviews are taking place against the backdrop of a multi-year bull market in equities, low interest rates, low levels of market volatility, a strengthening dollar and declining oil prices.

As advisors and clients look to navigate this landscape, I believe they should examine how alternative investments could be included in portfolios to potentially help achieve specific investment objectives. To help with this task, I have listed four ways investors can use alternatives in seeking to meet common objectives.

Objective: Continue to participate in equity market upside, but with some downside protection.

  • Investors have enjoyed a strong run in equities over the past six years, and most analysts I have read predict 2015 to be another positive year. That said,