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Sphero's Latest 'Star Wars' Toy Puts the Force Right on Your Wrist

If you picked up one of Sphero’s BB-8 droids last year, you’re undoubtedly going to want the electronics brand’s latest offering. Intended to go along with last holiday season’s hottest toy, Shero’s brand new addition gives users Force-like control over the beloved Star Wars: The Force Awakens droid. Aptly dubbed the Force Band, the Bluetooth-connected wearable essentially replaces the remote control that comes packaged with BB-8 — and Sphero’s other robots — and allows users to control the droid via hand gestures. And if you don’t have the droid, you can still pick up a Force Band and complete the included Combat Training or collect digital holocrons around your house via “Force Awareness.”

Sphero’s latest Star Wars gadget drops September 30 for $79 USD or packaged with a special battle-worn edition of the BB-8 droid for $199 USD.