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PhilStockWorld April Portfolio Review (Members Only)

$1,450,390 – that's up 141% at the end of the first quarter of year three.

More importantly, our paired and balanced Long-Term and Short-Term Portfolios are up 45% since our December review and, essentially, they are the same positions – especially in the LTP, which has gained $318,747 (49%) in the 4 months since 12/13 – and those are the positions we don't touch at all and, more importantly, those are the positions which make up the bulk of our portfolio allocations – as they are meant to be INVESTMENTS – not trades!  

To you day traders out there – I implore you  - please read the December review and look over those positions and check out those same positions 3 months later and CONSIDER – please consider – that day-trading may not be the best way to play the market.  Yes, the LTP goes up and down too but, when it's down, we have cash on the side to buy bigger positions (which is what we did last year) while they are cheap.  Since those positions are INVESTMENTS, we end up with something of great value when the market comes back.

With day trading – even the best day traders spend 1/3 of their time trying to win back what they've lost and the stress level of day trading is through the roof compared to our very simple, long-term, Be the House – NOT the Gambler strategy.  Even our ultra-conservative, ultra low-touch Butterfly Portfolio popped from $181,075 to $263,052, a gain of $81,977 (82%) in 4 short months.  Admittedly, we went off book and got aggressive in the Jan dip, as we expected another round of drastic Central Bank action to save the market – and it did.  

I'll tell you now that, on the next breakdown, I will be nowhere near as confident flipping bullish.  I think the CBs are almost out of ammo and already their moves smack of desperation so I'm now leaning towards a lot of hedging (we did a lot of that earlier this month) or just getting the Hell out with our massive gains and starting again in the Fall (or whenever we get another nice dip).  I don't mind going to CASH!!!, having a fantastic, relaxing summer and then coming…

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