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Apple: Strong iPhone 6S Demand And iPads For Christmas

The first iPhone 6S devices will be landing in the hands of consumers on Friday, and analysts are all over the place with their unit estimates thus far. Some think estimates are just too high, while others think they are too conservative. But we'll have to wait until Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) releases its next earnings report before we get any kind of an idea on iPhone units, and even then, that report will only include preorders and less than a week's worth of the new lineup's actual availability.

But is Apple too dependent on the iPhone? This is a debate that is raised frequently, and it most recently surfaced again when it started to look like the Apple Watch isn't doing very well. However, bulls offer no end of potential opportunities for the Wall Street darling, with reports this week focusing on the persistent Apple car rumor and the Internet of Things.

How is iPhone 6S demand?

Perhaps the main focus on Apple right now is demand for the iPhone 6S lineup. Some think it's weak compared to last year's demand, while others think it's very strong compared to previous years. Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS) analyst Simona Jankowski and her team think Wall Street expectations for demand are just too low. She sees the potential for Apple shares to move higher on higher than expected units and average selling prices, not just for the iPhone 6S lineup but also for the newest iPads, which includes the bigger iPad Pro.

She noted that right now much of Wall Street is expecting iPhone revenues for fiscal 2016 to be flat with last year. The reason for this is an exceptionally tough comparison with last year's iPhone numbers. Apple recorded a 51% year over year increase in last year's iPhone 6 cycle. She is expecting a 6% increase in iPhone revenue in fiscal 2016 because she sees the potential for strength based solely on upgrades alone, even if Apple sees gross adds fall.

In particular, she likes Apple's new installment and leasing plans.

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