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Update: GM Tailwinds Coming To Fruition, 20% Dividend Raise Announced

I will gladly take this rare opportunity to pat myself on the back, as my original calls to buy shares of General Motors (GM) back in October and December of 2014 have finally paid off. In October, I called GM a "buy" at $30/share, and in December, I called it a "clear winner off lower gas prices".

GM just announced Q4 2014 results, and the stock is up 5% on the news. For the most part, earnings were led by the North American segment, slightly higher results in Europe and strong China sales, and an unexpected profit in South America. In China, it was quite notable Cadillac sales grew by a whopping 47% year over year.

The sales increases were not a surprise to me, as the consumer is said to be a big beneficiary of lower gas prices, which have fallen by nearly 50% in some regions. Naturally,… Read More …