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The following excerpt is from the company's SEC filing.

*** Exercise Your Right to Vote *** Important Notice Regarding the Availability of Proxy Materials for the Shareholder Meeting to Be Held on November 11, 2015 ROYAL GOLD, INC. You are receiving this communication because you hold shares in the above named company. This is not a ballot. You cannot use this notice to vote these shares. This communication presents only an overview of the more complete proxy materials that are available to you on the Internet. You may view the proxy materials online at or easily request a paper copy (see reverse side). We encourage you to access and rev iew all of the important information contained in the proxy materials before voting. ROYAL GOLD, INC. 1660 WYNKOOP ST., SUITE 1000 DENVER, CO 80202-1132 0000256855_1 R1.0.0.51160 See the reverse side of this notice to obtain proxy materials and voting instructions. Meeting Information Meeting Type: Annual Meeting For holders as of: September 14, 2015 Date: November 11, 2015 Time: 9:00 AM MST Location: Ritz-Carlton Hotel 1881 Curtis Street Denver, Colorado 80202

Before You Vote How to Access the Proxy Materials Proxy Materials Available to VIEW or RECEIVE: Have the information that is printed in the box marked by the arrow (located on the by the arrow (located on the following page) in the subject line. How To Vote Please Choose One of the Following Voting Methods marked by the arrow available and follow the instructions. 0000256855_2 R1.0.0.51160 Vote In Person: Many shareholder meetings have attendance requirements including, but not limited to, the possession of an attendance ticket issued by the entity holding the meeting. Please check the meeting materials for any special requirements for meeting attendance. At the meeting, you will need to request a ballot to vote these shares. Vote By Internet: To vote now by Internet, go to Have the information that is printed in the box Vote By Mail: You can vote by mail by requesting a paper copy of the materials, which will include a proxy card. 1. Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement 2. Annual Report How to View Online: following page) and visit: How to Request and Receive a PAPER or E-MAIL Copy: If you want to receive a paper or e-mail copy of these documents, you must request one. There is NO charge for requesting a copy. Please choose one of the following methods to make your request: 1) BY INTERNET: 2) BY TELEPHONE: 1-800-579-1639 3) BY E-MAIL*: * If...