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Are We Buying the Dip in the Emerging Markets.

Time to invest back in emerging markets.

The I Shares MSCI Emerging markets index exchange traded fund surge today for a fifth day, the MSCI index rose 0.1 % to 941.18. The ETF of developing nations extended its rise about 0.6% to 38.75.

The China’s stocks rallied after the indication that equities were oversold and thus the money markets rates slumped. The shanghai composite index rose by 0.8%.

India’s BSE Sensex advanced 0.9 %.

South Korea’s trade surplus was near the highest level since 2010.

The Micex index recovered in Moscow as the metal producers rallied.

While Brazil’s Ibovespa index went down as OGX (Brazil private oil and Gas Company) plans to close its only oil producing wells next year.