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RYNVX big change in market cap !

Updates in BLUE - RYNVX market capitalization increased $321Mil from Tuesday Oct 24th to today, Oct 26th.
RYNVX - Rydex Nova Fund Investor Class (Long Fund)

Note The RYNVX increased $321Mil in two trading days. That is a whopping increase of $321Mil in market capitalization. This could be interpreted as some were fearful of not being long in this Nova Fund. Is that fear bearish for the market? It is possible that this "could" have come from some stock market newsletter writer advising their clients to buy.

When this Long Fund has big changes in market cap in a very short time frame, not very sure if this will have any influence in the market. We will keep an eye on this and let you know what happens.

Large & small dollar amounts of market cap in the RYNVX long fund displays Greed & Fear in the market...

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