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Junior Lithium Stocks, Heading To The Middle Innings..... 0 comments

Last year when I started writing about Lithium stocks, I was the proverbial voice in the wilderness.

I think I had something like 2 followers here on Seeking Alpha and most of the activity on this blog came from things I wrote about a biotech company called Ziopharm that was in its second decade of burning through hundreds of millions of investor money, surviving by selling shares to investors excited about the "transformative potential" of finding a treatment or cure for various forms of cancer.

That's the market though. A stock like Ziopharm, which had been trading under $3 late in 2014 had gone on a tear with shares spiking upwards of $14 by March of 2015. And those cashing in for $14+ needed others willing to pay the increased prices.

Thankfully for sellers there were a plethora of bullish articles here on Seeking Alpha to go along with some analysts from prominent houses putting price targets as high as $21 on the stock.

It was and is a prime example of why so many retail investors sell low and buy high, by reading the news and following the herd.

Lithium stocks last year by contrast were under the radar. If you searched around for articles on Lithium investments you probably came across a slew of stories telling investors to avoid them. And the volumes being traded last year reflected that. Here's a chart for one of the Lithium Junior mining companies I've been writing about since April of 2015, Nemaska Lithium.

Contrast that performance with ZIOP, which traded at almost $15 in 2015 and is now trading at less than $9. That's still a lofty valuation for a company that, (despite being in its second decade) is still in early development stages with 5+ years to go before even the possibility of any success in realizing anything with commercial possibilities.

So am I recommending Nemaska? No, I don't make recommendations, I merely share my...