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Nike And Apple Will Be Involved In The Future Of Both

Nike (NKE) CEO Mark Parker, when asked about compatibility with the recently released Apple (AAPL) Watch said: "I'm excited about where the Apple Watch is going, I know it's a huge priority for the company. We'll see that grow and develop more and more. And Nike wants to be, and we will be, a part of that. That's our goal."

For several years now, Nike has included a device called Nike + (Plus) in its running shoes. I have personally had several years' worth of Air Max shoes with this device. For those not famiiar, it tracks the number of steps taken, and I'm sure other data. I think this puts Nike head and shoulders above its' competition like Under Armour (UA), as well as easily distinguishing Nike from those who would copy their success, such as copycats found on Aliexpress (BABA) and others.