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"Where's The Safe Space?" Inside The Most Censorious College Campuses

The 2017 Free Speech University Rankings have been released, and it turns out that London is a hotbed of campus censorship.

To find out what’s going on,'s writer Jacob Furedi talked to fellow students about the state of free speech at their universities...

And in the US, it's just as bad... Free speech on campus is facing a profound threat. Not at the hands of President Trump, nor even at the hands of the administrators and lawyers who have done so much to erode academia’s respect for freedom of expression.

No, as highlighted by the violent disruption and end of Charles Murray’s visit to Middlebury College in Vermont last week, the immediate crisis comes from one of freedom’s most ancient enemies: the angry mob.

It’s time for college leaders and law enforcement to take a stand: In our nation, this is not what democracy looks like.

While Americans rightly tend to focus on threats to freedom of speech from the authorities, we cannot overlook the danger of allowing people to be silenced by groups prepared to be violent.