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Warren Buffet Brings Big Changes To Heinz

Ealier this year Warren Buffet teamed up with Brazil's richest man, Jorge Paulo Lemann, and his private equity firm 3G, to buy Heinz for $23 billion dollars. Along with the company the tandem also took over responsibility for the company's $12.6 billion dollars of debt. This meant cutting cost of all sorts, for example 11 senior executives. 

The cost cutting hasn't stopped there, in August a memo was sent out to the employee's of the company outlining the new rules. From now on employees are only allowed to print up to 200 pages a month and color printing is restricted for only "customer facing purposes". Employees are only allowed to spend $15 a month on office supplies and are expected reuse certain resources like box files. All mini refrigerators are no long permitted instead people are encoraged to use the one located in common areas. If an employee goes on a business trip they are limited to only spending $45 a day on food. They even got rid of the company JET!

I always heard about Buffett's ways of saving money, but this is a perfect example of how he will narrow it down to the smallest factors to save a buck.