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This very day will decide whether you’ll be rich or poor in the future

It has everything to do with the first trading day in November

If history is any guide, a couple of financial decisions you make this week are going to have an outsized influence on whether you die rich or broke.

Hardly anybody talks about this.

And so hardly any members of the public realize it.

Yes, April 15 is an important day in the financial calendar. And yes, so is the end of the tax year on Dec. 31.

But the first working day of November is also huge. Possibly the biggest of all. And yet is passes silently without any discussion at all.

Why is it so important?

For two simple, and related, reasons.

First, because pretty much any investment gains you’re going to make on your retirement savings over the course of your life are going to come from the stock market.

And, second, because pretty much all of those gains are going to come from the stock market between Nov. 1 and April 30.