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America is full of slackers and deadbeats who won’t work

That’s what some conservatives allege — but the numbers say otherwise


A total of 148 million of 320 million U.S. residents have a job.

If you’re inclined to think that America has too many people who take, and not enough who make, then you’re probably skeptical that the economy really is improving.

The drop in the official unemployment rate from a high of 10% in late 2009 to 5.5% in February is simply a hoax, the skeptics say, because there are 93 million Americans who’ve dropped out of the labor market, refusing to work or even look for a job. And if you didn’t look for a job in the past month, you aren’t counted as unemployed.

The fear that America will go broke if fewer than half of us are working is credible only if we ignore history.

The unemployment rate isn’t 5.5%, as the government claims. The real unemployment rate is over 35%, they say, because about 102 million people aren’t working, including about 9 million who are officially counted as unemployed and the 93 million who’ve given up.

Now, it is true that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 92.9 million adults were “not in the labor force” in February, an all-time high. That’s up from 79.2 million as the economy slumped into a recession just over seven years ago.

The share of civilian non-institutionalized adults who participate in the labor force (either working or actively searching for a job) has declined from 66% on the eve of the recession to only 62.8% in February, close to a 37-year low.

That means three of every eight adults is just sitting on his ass, taking from the rest of us!

Don’t tell Zero Hedge or Breitbart or Sen. Ted Cruz, but it’s much worse than that! Using exclusive data from the Census Bureau provided to me on the Internet, I’ve learned that a majority of Americans are doing nothing while the rest of us slave all day long!

It’s not 102 million who aren’t working; it’s 172 million!

The government is hiding in plain sight the brutal fact that only 46% of Americans are working (148 million of a total population of 320 million)! If you consider everybody and not only the 250 million who are over 16 that the BLS counts, only 49% of us are in the labor force.

If we include all the babies and retirees and students and stay-at-home moms and dads and the disability cheaters, it turns out that America is full of slackers who won’t get a job.

How can we ever pay our bills if half of us aren’t working?