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New 6 Ways To Save More Money This Year

As the new year begins, people are making new resolutions to abide by.  One of the majorly chosen resolutions is to save/make more money, so how do we do it?  Here are 6 ways!

1.  Keep track of what you spend.  If you have a smartphone, tablet, or even paper, write down what you spend so you can keep yourself accountable at all times.
2.  Balance your cash flow properly.  It's kind of like the #1, but keep tracking of money coming in and going out, and make sure there's more coming in than out obviously.
3.  Keep it real.  Instead of going to starbucks and spending too much, go to a local coffee place by the corner and save a little bit of money and help local business.  Also set small goals for yourself rather than large ones that you're likely to give up on quickly.
4.  Automation.  Don't miss your bills, automate all your monthly payments so nothing sneaks up on you.
5.  Try to be fee-less.  You don't interest fees, late fees, ATM fees, any of that.  Do what you can to avoid them.  
6.  TV.  Those cable bills can really rack up and kill you, find ways to pay less.  Watch them online or something.