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Why Ford Paid Over $200,000 for a Tesla Model X — Tech Roundup

Editors' pick: Originally published April 20.

(F - Get Report) has reportedly ponied up a pretty penny or two to get its hands on Tesla Motors' (TSLA - Get Report) new SUV, the Model X. Apparently, the automaker paid nearly $200,000 for the new vehicle, $50,000 more than its sticker price. With taxes, the total came out to nearly $212,000.

The company wants to test and examine Tesla's handiwork and it was willing to pay a premium to do so. It's not that strange for automakers to buy vehicles from its competitors to test them out and strip them down. But it's kind of weird Ford was willing to pay so much for one.

Ford has purchased the 64th Model X, buying it from a California resident who was able to buy the vehicle through Tesla's customer referral program.

Ford has committed to investing $4.5 billion in electric vehicles, but they're not the only ones making big moves. General Motors (GM - Get Report) and Toyota (TM - Get Report) are both expected to buy the Model X as...