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What MannKind Investors Can Learn From The Sanofi Conference Call

As most of you know, Afrezza is the new inhaled insulin which Sanofi (SNY) just officially launched in the U.S. in partnership with its inventor, MannKind Corp. (MNKD)

After the January 20, 2015 JPMorgan Healthcare Conference where Sanofi concentrated almost entirely on discussing the unapproved drugs in its pipeline, and made only a brief reference to Afrezza, naysayers claimed that Sanofi was going to delay the launch of Afrezza.

We all know how true that prediction turned out to be. Investors who bought into MNKD stock the day after the conference are sitting on more than a 33% gain today. But the same naysayers continue to argue that Sanofi's commitment to Afrezza went out the door with its fired CEO.

But if there is still doubt in the minds of MNKD investors as to Sanofi's commitment to Afrezza, today's year end report from Sanofi and the conference call that accompanied… Read More …