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3 Reasons Why Yahoo's Turnaround Could Be Succeeding

I recently came across an article on Business Insider which painted a rather gloomy picture of Yahoo, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: YHOO) turnaround efforts by stating that the company's ''recovery is so weak'' that Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) was on course to leapfrog it and become the third-largest display ad company in the U.S. in 2015. While the author's line of argument was quite valid, I beg to disagree with her conclusion because she only presented part of the company's business segments and failed to look at the bigger picture.

When current Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer took over at the helm about 21 months ago, one of the key pledges she made to investors was to reverse the fortunes of the pioneering Internet company by returning it into positive top line growth in her first two or three years on the job, and eventually achieve double-digit growth five years down the line. Read more