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RingCentral Inc (RNG) Presents at Raymond James Institutional Investors Conference Transcript

Terry Tillman - Raymond James

Yes, why don’t we get started? Good morning everyone. Third day of our conference, our tech conference here in New York. I am Terry Tillman from Raymond James covering applications software. I am really pleased to have RingCentral representing today Clyde Hosein is the Chief Financial Officer. I’ve got to know Clyde very well over the last couple of years and watch the business grow quite rapidly, while also delivering profits. But, maybe for the audience, we might have some of the audience that does not know the story that well. So maybe you could give a quick general overview and then we are going to get into some questions I have and then have some time for questions from the audience. So, thank you, Clyde.

Clyde Hosein - Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Thanks, Terry, and thank you for having us. In the audience, we have Darren Yip, the Director of Investor Relations that’s joined us about a month ago. So, we’ll also introduce him. So, I’m into core what a software company that deliver our service software as a service and you see that’s reflected in a number of areas including our finance, so what do we do.

It’s a paid point that all of you guys can appreciate everybody in this room has an office system, phone system. It’s send to your office, some of you might follow that calls to where you are today, but if a call comes in, right now, you’d like to get miss that call, you get an email maybe and alike.

So there is a lot of pin points and productivity loss because of that. What RingCentral does at its core, we do a number of things but we start off, I guess, - so what...