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This Clock Tells the Time With Ferromagnetic "Creatures"

Wake up to little black tadpoles telling the time every morning.

How do you make your clock design stand out in a crowded market while simultaneously competing against the already convenient virtual clocks on people’s smartphones? By harnessing the mesmerizing physical qualities of ferrofluids to make a design that seemingly tells the time with tadpole-like creatures. Called the “Ferrolic,” this clock by Eindhoven University of Technology designer Zelf Koelman consists of an aluminum casing, at the front of which is an aquarium-like component containing ferrofluid — a liquid that is highly sensitive to magnetic fields — which react to magnets to move around in space. Not limited to numbers, a companion app allows the user to transmit new information and animations to the device. However, with only 24 made so far, each unit costs a whopping $8,300 USD each, but keep your eyes peeled for any hint of a crowdfunded version down the line.

Author: Gavin Yeung