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Update: La Quinta Insider Selling In Size Opens The Door For Questions And Concerns

La Quinta Holdings Inc. (LQ) CEO Wayne Goldberg and CFO/EVP Keith Cline have some explaining to do after news of massive selling of shares, yes which were scheduled via 10b5-1 plans, has come public. For the record, this is not information the company has to release on a PR wire and requires that an individual go searching for this information independently. It also requires the individual investor to frequently track Form 4 filings for each company he or she follows which is an excellent way to sneak these types of filings by investors. The fact that this took place in such size and wasn't PR'd/explained, which is not the norm and would be an exception - something I would expect from such exceptional managers, is very disappointing to say the least.

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  • Goldberg sold 100,000 shares in total, which comprised ~10% of pre-transaction holdings, at an average price