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5 tech gadgets everyone will own in 5 years

Many of the challenges we face today are identical to those we faced 50 years ago. Others, quite simply, are not. Thanks to the digital revolution, the biggest problem you encounter on a daily basis might be one surrounding your cell-phone battery. Well, it's about time we solved that. Welcome to the era of efficiency—where little gadgets save a ton of time (and space).

1.A keyboard that will help you type faster

It's about time someone redesigned the clunky keyboard. With this innovative design, the BeeRaider aims to double your typing speed in 20 minutes.

2. Pocket-sized home projector

Turn your ceiling into an HD experience and enjoy your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your own bed — without the need for a TV.

3. Headphones that charge your cell phone battery.

You've faced the dilemma: sit still in silence, or risk killing your final few percentage points of phone battery playing music. Soon, that might not be a decision you have to make.

4. A simple, one-touch solution to ... anything

Our smart-everything world is getting complicated. It's time to dumb things down a little.

5. A motorized skateboard

That might kick the Segway to the curb: It's not quite a flying car or a personal hoverboard, but the IO Hawk might be the next personal mobility device whizzing around Silicon Valley.

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