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Has the Pokémon Go Stock Craze Returned to the 1990s?

If you are young, chances are pretty good that you may be a part of the Pokémon Go craze. To an adult who has seen trends for more than a decade, this has many of the same hallmarks from when Pokémon launched and took off in the 1990s. If there is a big wave of spending around a new (or regurgitated) topic, chances are high that investors and speculators will be jumping in and out of companies and stocks around that craze. Keep in mind that the Pokémon Go is still a day away from launching in Japan.

The Pokémon Go craze has been a key driver of some stocks in recent days. While this has been a win for the companies involved, 24/7 Wall St. wanted to see if some of these stocks have now run up too much. Before you assume that this is an attempt to call a peak, it is not. Far from it. Some companies may peak in days, but historically some of the old Pokémon craze stocks peaked on a rolling basis over a much longer time period.

Pokémon goes back to the 1990s and when it began to take off then it created a stock move in many companies. Most of those companies are now no longer around or if they were they are no longer public or they are no longer involved in Pokemon. When those stocks ran in the late 1990s, they often saw share prices rise for quarters as it sometimes created a slow grind higher rather than an instant surge.

Nintendo Co. Ltd. (NTDOY) has seen its shares ramp up massively as the prime beneficiary of the Pokémon Go augmented reality craze. Just on July 6 this OTC-listed ADS was at $17.63. The shares have more than doubled, peaking at $38.25 on Monday. Its stock price was down 4.5% at $35.67 late on Tuesday. Its new 52-week range is $15.34 to $38.25. Please see a more detailed research report summary below.

ZAGG Inc. (NASDAQ: ZAGG) was last seen up almost another 6% at $6.99 late on Tuesday...