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Update: Second Sight Gets Renewed Approval For Treatment Of 30,000 Germans

Second Sight Medical Products' (EYES) announcement that InEK, the German national healthcare system that provides health insurance to 90% of the country's population, has renewed its granting of the Argus II system as Status 1 under the NUB innovation program is huge. This highly unexpected development furthers the existing bull thesis and is in-line with the expectations in regards to insurance reimbursements by country outlined by EYES CEO Dr. Robert Greenberg in an interview exclusive to SA members in my linked article. Dr. Greenberg seems to have his finger on the pulse of this company and seemed especially confident in the timeline of catalysts given just two weeks ago.

Dr. Greenberg educated SA members as to the road ahead for EYES, the Argus II system, and the other products in development at the company:

"Insurance coverage is off to a good start, but is evolving… Insurance results tend to be