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Scott Walker says plan for $250M arena is “fiscally responsible” as long as people with no education and jobs will sell kidneys to go there

$250 million for world-class research university: fiscally irresponsible. $250 million for basketball arena: fiscally responsible. Ehhh, I live in Texas, our town just approved $65 MILLION to build a new high school football stadium. High school.

Robert Reich said the problem with America is we have socialism for the ultra-rich and capitalism for everybody else, i.e. gains are privatized, losses are nationalized. Businesses goes under? Uncle Sam bails him out. Average Joe goes under? Tough shiat, son. A single bankruptcy is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.” – Rand Paul

Ah yes, a Republicanism: fiscally responsible. A Republicanism is when words are used to represent the opposite of those words’ true meanings. See also: bills with American or Freedom in them, tax-exempt groups with Family in their names, a governor tens of thousands of dollars in debt saying tax money going to billionaires is “fiscally responsible”, the Koch brothers seeing themselves in any way as “liberal”, Congress focusing on creating jobs, conservatives saying everything is Obama’s fault… you get the idea.

As for the first point, it’s pretty obvious that Walker is lying through his weasel teeth:

And it’s noteworthy that one big beneficiary of the new arena will be Jon Hammes, a developer and a Bucks minority owner who sources tell CNN also serves as a national finance co-chairman for Walker’s presidential campaign.

Hammes’ business focuses on developing “strategic real estate assets, specifically in the healthcare and sports industries,” according to the Bucks announcement when he took a stake in the team. And the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has reported his firm has been buying land near the planned arena site to develop office buildings.