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Market doesn’t seems to be interested in Microsoft

Today Microsoft reported its fourth quarter earnings and sales which were not as per expectations of Walls Street. It might be due to PC Market slowdown and the failure of Windows 8 business. Microsoft also announced that it will transform itself into “devices and services” company from its software providing business. But after its weak earnings it is hard to say if it is going to succeed in this transition. It fell down $4.13 a share to $31.32 which is the largest one day drop since 2008.An Analyst with Forrester Research  Sarah Rotman who specializes in tablets said that the main reason why Microsoft failed is that consumer doesn’t want too many options, they just want it to be convenient or user friendly which we can found in ipads. Now the big question is this that Would Microsoft be able to succeed in this transition and make some space for itself in the market or not?