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How to know if a job you're taking is legit or not

Working from home is definitely one way to make some extra money whether you're already working outside your house or not. If you're considering getting a job going that route, it's important to be careful and use your judgement before applying  anywhere.

There are many signs that show when a job posting is merely a façade that scammers use to entice potential victims:

1) THE MONEY OFFERED FOR AMOUNT OF WORK IS ABNORMAL: This simply means that they offer to pay a juicy amount of money for almost no work and most of the time, requiring absolutely no experience. Ads such as: "read emails and get paid $400/month" or "get paid $500 to translate documents". ( no experience necessary!)

2) THEY ASK FOR YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION AND/OR A FEE: Some legitimate companies do ask for a fee, but you would need to do some extensive research to find out which ones. Personally, I wouldn't trust reviews because nowadays many companies pay for positive reviewing. As for giving your personal info like your social security or bank account number, I would consider it a red flag.

3) THEY'VE BEEN POSTING A RECURRING AD: If you see a job post that has been re-posted over and over again in a short period of time, either the person or company offering the gig is extremely particular or there is something suspicious going on. I would research them online using any data on their post: that is how I uncovered a scamming scheme a few weeks ago. I researched his name and phone number found testimonies from people he had previously tricked and robbed.

Ok, these are only a few tips I've learned so feel free to share if you know more methods to escape the scamming world!