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The Best-Paid U.S. Jobs Requiring No Bachelor's Degree

If you're looking for a well-paid job but you don't have the money, time and sheer patience required to complete a four-year bachelor degree, do not fear!

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As Statista's Nial McCarthy points out, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, plenty of U.S. jobs require an associate degree (usually taking two years), a postsecondary nondegree certificate or a high-school diploma.

Air-traffic controller offers the highest wages without a bachelor degree with the median annual salary coming to $122,410. Prospective applicants should keep in mind that the job still requires an associate degree.

Even though nuclear-power reactor operator sounds like a job requiring extensive university qualifications, it actually only requires a high-school diploma or equivalent. It has a very lucrative median salary of $91,170 a year.