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Part 1: The Lessons In The 2014 Data For Midstream Master Limited Partnership Investing

This is how most of us hope things will be -- that as we age, we will gain wisdom from our experiences and slowly grow wiser over time. As we grow older, the quality of our decision making process should improve. This is my perception of the way things really are -- that as we age, the more balls we have to juggle. The more things we have an eye on, the more things appear to just whiz by. We are much more likely so ask ourselves "What just happened?" than we are to have aha moments. The older we get, the more serious our deadlines become. That added pressure leads to anxiety and desperation -- which are conditions that work against the slow accumulation of wisdom and improvement in the quality of our decision making process. There are forces at work that can cause us to make dumber decisions as we age -- and this is well before medical or physiological forces begin to influence our mental acuity. I think many of us need to slow down and learn from 2014 before it fades from our…