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McDonald's Caters to Spicy Food Lovers by Offering Sriracha-Style Burgers

In a win-win pairing for those who enjoy a bit of spice on their hamburgers, McDonald’s is now selling a new version of its iconic Big Mac with a “special” Sriracha sauce. The fast food giant is naming its one-of-a-kind condiment, “Signature Sriracha,” which combines the popular red “Rooster” sauce with the Big Mac’s tasty dressing. According to Chef Michael Haracz, Manager of Culinary Innovation at McDonald’s USA, “The combination of Sriracha with our iconic Big Mac Sauce is the perfect blend of ingredients that speaks to our flavor fans who love Sriracha. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy great food that will please your taste buds.”

With Sriracha becoming more ubiquitous in homes and in popular chain restaurants, this move by McDonald’s should be enough to get newer customers onto its revamped Big Mac. Stateside, the new burger is already being served in San Diego and Los Angeles, and should be making its way to a few Seattle restaurants on July 7. No word yet on an East Coast expansion.

To see how Sriracha is made, take a look at our special video on the famous “Rooster” sauce.