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Filed by Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV

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Subject Company: Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV

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Video Q&A

Q: Why do you want to combine with SAB?

We are very excited about the prospects of creating the first truly global beer company, and we believe we could achieve more together than we can apart. Together, we have better growth prospects and an appealing mix of global and local brands that consumers love. We share a strong passion for brewing, a deep seated tradition of quality and a commitment to provide consumers with first-class beers that reflect many local tastes and traditions. We also both strive to have a positive impact on the world around us by providing opportunities all along the supply chain, from farmers to brew-masters to truck drivers to customers as well as by aspiring to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility. We both have a strong track record of partnering with stakeholders to encourage the responsible enjoyment of our products, reduce our impact on the environment and improve the communities where we live and work. We want to build a better world together. As an example, at AB InBev, we have a variety of signature programs such as Smart Barley, a partnership with barley growers to improve production and reduce water usage, and Together for Safer Roads, a private sector coalition we lead that focuses on reducing road traffic collisions. These initiatives are a high priority for us, and we know it is for SAB as well.

Q: Tell us about the fit between the two companies.

Well thats the beauty of it. Our footprints are largely complementary, and where we have geographic overlap we will be proactive in addressing any regulatory issues. The combined company would have strong growth prospects in key emerging regions such as Asia, Central and Latin America, and of course Africa.

Q: You mentioned Africa. Tell us about your plans for Africa.

We are very excited about the prospects of making a major investment in Africa, a continent that we believe has great growth prospects. SABs South African heritage and its commitment to the African continent have been a key driver of its success, and we intend to sustain this, to support the future growth of the business. We also intend to maintain a local listing in South Africa by seeking a secondary listing of AB InBev shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. And we intend for Johannesburg to continue to be the regional headquarters for the combined group on the African continent. In addition, we envisage a local South African board to play an important role in the business and therefore would be a critical component of the future success of the

company. We also recognize that SAB has long supported the progress of South African society and is deeply engaged with local stakeholders. In particular we admire the black empowerment scheme that SAB has put in place and we intend to continue this initiative.

Q: Are there regulatory issues with regard to any overlapping businesses?

As I said, our geographic footprints are largely complementary on a continental and regional basis, and we will be proactive in dealing with the relevant authorities to bring all potential reviews to a timely and appropriate resolution. In the US and China in particular, we will seek to resolve any regulatory or contractual considerations promptly, following discussions with SAB and its business partners in those countries.

Q: How would...