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Saudi King Salman books entire Four Seasons hotel for D.C. visit

© Reuters. During King Salman's current trip to Washington, his entourage has an entire D.C. hotel to themselves -- While the precipitous fall in global crude prices has dented Saudi Arabian revenues over the last nine months, the energy crash has apparently had little impact on King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud's lavish spending habits.

When King Salman arrived in Washington for high-level meetings with U.S. president Barack Obama on Thursday, the newly appointed king and his entourage received a dose of royal treatment – literally and figuratively. After landing at the Joint Andrews Base in Prince George's County, the entourage was whisked away by a fleet of black luxury cars, which transported the group to the Four Seasons Georgetown in Northwest Washington D.C. Unlike many travelers during Labor Day Weekend, the group...