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The Next "Tom Stolper" Has An FX Reco For You: Buy USDJPY

In the epic alpha vacuum left in the absence of the worst, pardon, best FX "analyst" of all time, Goldman's legendary Tom Stolper, whose perpetual fading helped us and countless readers generate some 10,000+ pips in profits in the years when he was actively crucifying muppets on Goldman's payroll, most were confused how to make profits with absolutely no risk in the FX sapce. And ever since when rading alongside major central banks led to career-ending outcomes as recently as 2 weeks ago, it seemed that the entire FX space was merely populated by algos and other robots who would merely frontrun each other's cluelessness in perpetuity.

We are happy to report that the P&L drought may have finally ended, and we have none other than the man many have suggested could be next in line for the title of honorary "Tom Stolper" of the FX realm: BofA's technical strategist MacNeill Curry. Moments ago, Curry came out with a trade reco which is, not surprisingly, just in line with what the vast consensus, and not to mention the Bank of Japan, thinks: long USDJPY, aka the trade that is directly proportional to multiple expansion for the entire US stock market, and number of bankrupt Japanese corporations.

This is what Curry had to say:

Buy $/¥. It is about to break out from its week long range


For the past week, $/¥ has been caught in a 118.72/117.32 contracting range / Triangle formation. Now, that range is about to complete for a push towards 119.78/120.36. Perhaps most compelling is the risk to the trade. Price should not trade below the Jan-25 low at 117.27. Below here invalidates the bullish setup and results in a larger, choppier range than anticipated. Bigger Picture, we remain BULLISH. The long term uptrend remains incomplete for a push towards 124.16/124.59. Above the Dec-23 high at 120.83 says the long term bull trend has resumed. 


Buy $/¥ at market (now 117.80), risk 117.25, target 119.78, potentially120.36 



So: will USDJPY tumble promptly back down to 117.25 at which point Curry will be Stolpered out, and we can crown the next market-moving "Stolper" whose every reco will be the source of much mirth and joy in the new and improved "bandits" and "cartel" chat room, or will the forces of momentum-chasing vacuum tubes win, and the quest for the next Stolper continue unsuccessfully? We hope to have an answer in the next 2-3 days.