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United States, Russia, China In Hypersonic Weapons Race

As the tensions between the United States, Russia and China continue to build, US military officials have been considering a new national security threat. According to top brass in the United States military, Russia and China are currently developing hypersonic weapons that could pose a significant risk to the United States mainland.

Russia Hypersonic Missile

National security experts speak out

National security expert Bill Gertz has been speaking on the subject recently, and it is believed by the United States intelligence on the subject that both the US and China are currently developing highly manoeuvrable, ultra-fast and elusive hypersonic arms. This could potentially give them an edge over the United States in what is considered to be an increasingly tense relationship between the countries.

The rivalry between the United States, Russia and China has been predicated on an economic conflict, as the allegiance between Russia and China attempts to counteract the prominent position that the United States has occupied in the world order. There have been a wide range of elements to the economic battle between these nations, but central to it has been a realization from China in particular that it needs to be represented in global economic institutions at the very highest levels.

This economic conflict has naturally led to military tensions between the nations as well, and thus the United States will view the latest developments as particularly undesirable. In relation to the latest hypersonic reports, it has been suggested that both nuclear and non-nuclear nations can be prepared to apply cyber, counter-space and asymmetric weaponry in the midst of a crisis.

With China and Russia apparently developing these weapons at this time, there is a danger that the United States could fall behind in this realm. Much of the superiority of the United States on the world stage has been built upon its military superiority, and the vast investment that China...