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Oops GOP... Boehner's Freudian slip

House Speaker John Boehner was the target of ridicule Tuesday afternoon when his official Twitter account accidentally tweeted a blank list, numbered one through five, in what appeared to be an attempt to tweet his job plan.

The list was actually intended to read:

① Reform our tax code.

②Solve our spending problem.

③Reform our legal system.

④Reform our regulatory system.

⑤Improve our education system.

So, generally vague principles the American people and their representatives would rally behind.  Other equally controversial items could include "don't drown puppies in wells" and "increase number of sunny days".  Although that last one could whip up the environmentalists who were here on Wall Street a few days ago...  I would stick a pin in that one, except the American Civil Liberties Union could possibly sue me for cruel and unusual punishment.  See?  It's hard to think of something that wouldn't generate political backlash.  Once upon a time we might have touted "recycling", "football", "Mother's Day", "libraries", or "apple pie", but now all those are liable to get one group or another riled up whether its conservative Republicans, liberal Democrats, or the gluten-free mafia.

What's plain to see is that in an era like ours no plan of Boehner's - or Nancy Pelosi's, who was quick to respond to the tweet with her own list of policy demands - could pass both houses of Congress in the current climate.  Boehner's innocuous laundry list would never get far when the time actually came to write something.

The Speaker's staff probably didn't intend for the blank list to blast out all over the world today, but they may have Freudianly outlined for the American people exactly what this Congress, and the next one, actually plan to do.