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Howard Marks' Talk at Google: The Most Important Thing

This week, we're posting up the various "Talks at Google" that focus on investing.  These typically feature authors of well known investment books.  Next up is Oaktree Capital's Howard Marks.  He is the author of The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor.

Marks often shares wisdom in periodic memos that we always post on the site (you can scroll through his past letters here).  His thoughts are widely read (even by the likes of Warren Buffett) as they constantly feature enlightenment on various investing topics.

He is known for his belief of investing as part psychology and part finance.    In this talk he shares his wisdom as well as origins and inspirations for the book.

Embedded below is the video of Howard Marks' Talk at Google:

You can read Howard Marks' book The Most Important Thing here.