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Hillary Clinton Lashes Out At China's "Bullying", Blasts Trump's "Bluster"

Seemingly in capable of heeding Senator John McCain's advice to stop whining and "just shut up," failed US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slammed both U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping in remarks via video to a conference in Beijing on Tuesday.

As Bloomberg reports, Clinton said the Trump administration had retreated from diplomacy.

She called on both the U.S. and China to avoid “bluster” or “personal taunts” in dealing with North Korea, and said the six-party talks on denuclearization should resume (which as a reminder is the process by which we have arrived here with Kim lobbing ICBMs across Japanese land and test-fiirng nukes).

Perhaps Clinton's $250,000 check did not clear, because in a somewhat unusual move, Clinton decided to tell the Chinese what to do too...

“Beijing should remember that inaction is a choice as well,” Clinton said, referring to China’s approach toward North Korea.

Clinton also said that Xi’s consolidation of power creates anxieties about a more assertive Beijing.

She called for the end of discrimination against U.S. companies, unfair currency practices and strengthened intellectual property protection.

China’s path to success doesn’t lie in “secret” military buildups or “bullying smaller neighbors,” Clinton said.


Xi faced a choice of standing with those who support instability and conflict, or those who support stability and order, she said.

Clinton concluded her advice-giving session by saying that her days as a candidate are over but she hopes that another woman will run for president.