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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – Cisco (CSCO) X 2

The captain is back in the steering wheel and I directed the ship to another stock investment purchase. This so happened to occur on August 1st and felt nice to start the month off with deployment of fresh capital. As I look to close out the last 5 months of the year strong, i made an additional investment purchase into Cisco (CSCO) as the dividend metrics were right up my alley. It’s time to jump into my stock purchase, in order to find out why and how the dividend metrics appeared.

the stock – cisco (Csco)

Cisco is a new dividend growth stock, who has grown dividend for over 5 years now, since the introduction of their dividend. Further, from review of other press releases, they have quite a few acquisitions going on, centered around cloud computing and artificial intelligence, which are two areas that I find to be heavily relevant and heavily forthcoming in the future of technology. This provides evidence that Cisco (CSCO) wants to maintain on the path or stay ahead of the curve against other competitors in the industry. I have purchased Cisco once before, approximately 7 weeks before this, back in June and their stock price hasn’t budged. In addition to purchasing them before, they were also on my dividend stock watch list for August. There has been a trend, i see, that I have purchased Cisco on a few recent releases of my watch list. Coincidence? Can I make it three times a charm? We will have to see on that...