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2016 Chevy Malibu includes technology that allows parents to track how their teens are driving. Difficulty: Getting a teenager to be seen driving around in a Chevy Malibu

This will also be used by the dealers, to void warranties.  They have similar systems on some motorcycles and if you exceed a certain RPM during the break in period it can void the warranty.  A friend just bought a KTM and said he was warned of this. Law enforcement would abuse it. everyone would…insurance companies, ex-spouses, stalkers, engelbert humperdinck, state highway planning commissions, etc. Your every movement is tracked, your every thought monitored. Deviation will be punished

Both my brother and I had to drive our mother’s 1979 Chevy Malibu station wagon. We called it the Land Yacht. There was nothing cool about it, but you could stuff 10 people into it.

I’ve been driving with the Progressive tracker (plugs into the OBD II port) for a couple of months now, and I would pay for the option to keep it when my kid starts driving. Just knowing that it is there has made me drive less aggressively, brake earlier and more gently, and pay more attention to my driving. And I’ve been driving for 35 years.

Bonus: It has made Mrs. Czetie stop complaining about my driving. She is a terrible passenger, constantly telling me to “look out” for hazards I’ve already reacted to. Now I have the data to prove that my anticipation and preparation is better than hers, because I brake or accelerate hard dramatically less often than she does.

Well, that and our respective accident histories…

Reminds me of the ads I see in in-flight magazines about a tracking service for company fleet vehicles.

On the one hand, yeah, it’s a gross invasion of privacy.  On the other hand, the van/truck/car isn’t yours; it belongs to the company, which has every reason to know how their property is being used.  On the third hand, I think it just feeds the “employees are lazy, careless slackers who can’t be trusted” mentality of middle management, which is never good.  On the fourth hand, I’ve worked with a lot of people who are lazy, careless slackers.

I’ve also seen ads for cellphones for kids that come with tracking, so you can always tell where the phone is *cough*whereyourkidis*cough*.  The ads are all very careful to mention that these are for kids who are under 18

Who’s son wouldn’t love to drive this: